Benefits of Beneficial Exercise for Adults

Many adults have lost core stability, body flexibility, joint mobility, and proper posture due to shortened muscles.  This is the result of inactivity (work-related repetitive actions and sitting/standing for long periods) and exercise choices that do not consider unidentified body imbalances (excessive weight lifting, sports activities, improper stretching, etc.).  You need Beneficial Exercise (B.E.) to get your body balanced and ready for action.


B.E. is customized movements combined with sonic therapy to strengthen the body while adding support to the most used joints, i.e. ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  Maintaining the health of your joints and spine is important to maximize your Range of Motion (ROM) and minimize injury.


The number one goal of B.E. is core stability, which gives you more movement control and is needed to keep the body stable and upright.  The second goal, body flexibility, refers to the length of muscles and the maximum ROM for a joint or series of joints.  The third goal of B.E. is to establish joint mobility.  Mobility allows a person to move their joints to a maximum ROM without injury.  Finally, while the spine is in a neutral position, B.E. readapts spinal alignment to support weight distribution and proper posture


With B.E., we teach your body how to move outside of its present ROM, creating a stronger core, better flexibility, joints that move freely, and improved posture.