Body Work - One-on-One and Two

Master Calvin, dubbed "The Body Whisperer" by his clients, has the ability to correctly assess, address, and correct your body's imbalances. His unique method increases functional ability, decreases the possibility of injury, and reduce stress.

Sports Enhancement & (AVE) Audio-Visual Entrainment

A positive, healthy mental state can give a competitive athlete the edge needed for outstanding performance. Thoughts of doubt, stress, and concerns about failure during a competition in an athlete’s mind can have a devastating effect on performance. It is because of these thoughts that athletes perform well during training and practices but buckles under the pressure of competition. AVE can help.


Academic Performance & (AVE) Audio-Visual Entrainment

Brainwave activity is slowed into greater alpha and theta frequencies, similar to what is seen in those with ADHD, leaving a student more distractible, impulsive, and hyperactive. This behavior, in turn, impairs the student’s ability to study and write exams, thus increasing stress. AVE has been shown to produce dramatic increases in cerebral blood flow, efficient brain activity, and sound mental health.


Far Infrared Sauna - 1 Person or 2 People

Please refrain from applying oil, lotion, or any other products to your skin prior to entering the sauna. Bring 2 towels, place a towel over either the cushion or sauna bench before you sit down or recline. Drink 1-2 glasses of water prior to your session. 

R&R (Relax & Reset) On The Rocks - Vibrating Plate and Vibrating Bed

relax and reset your day in just 30 minutes! In as little as 10 minutes on our relaxing plate of vibrating Caribbean rocks with aromatherapy, light therapy, and healing frequency music, your stress will begin to melt away.

Your getaway without going away!

LIGHT THERAPY - 10 Minutes (Maximum 30 Minutes)

Relieve the symptoms of shift adjustment, jet lag, circadian sleep disorders, Winter Blues, and low energy by using the Day-Light Classic to energize you. Skyrocket your energy during the day with a little light therapy, leading to better rest at night.

OXYGEN BAR - 10 Minutes (Maximum 30 Minutes)

The Oxygen Bar produces Enriched Air, increasing the Oxygen concentration in the air by up to 43%. Simply put on the headset (purchase for $15) and a gentle stream of oxygen is directed towards your mouth and nostrils.

Beneficial Exercise.jpg

Fall Prevention using Proprioceptive Training

Falling is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury and can significantly impair your quality of life. Most falls are accidental.  You don’t know when, where or that you’re falling until you’ve lost balance and are quickly approaching the ground.


Loss of balance is usually associated with aging but can happen to anyone. With improved balance, most falls can be prevented.

Our brain uses balance (the sensing of gravity) to calibrate itself.  Balance is the first sense that develops in the womb, before the capacity to see, hear, activate movement, or feel.  And it is the loss of balance as we age that alarms us the most.  We usually don’t notice this gradual loss until we have actually fallen. Proprioceptive training can help.

Proprioception uses sensory receptors located on your skin, joints, tendons, muscles, and nervous system. Proprioception plays an important role in the planning of precise and coordinated movement to maintain balance.  It controls your body posture when you walk, climb stairs, stand, or even sit still.

Proprioceptive training improves motor functions in your body. It uses both passive and active movements with and without visual feedback to create a sense of balance. The result is improved balance, joint mobility, and agility in minutes.

High Intensity Electromagnetic Sculpting Therapy.

Our new High Intensity Electromagnetic body sculpting and therapy reduces fat while building muscle. The treatments are painless and the results can be incredible.  A 30-minute session provides the benefits of a 5.5-hour intense workout or 20,000 ab crunches.  LEARN MORE