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Holistic healing with exercise and bodywork therapy in Waxhaw, NC

Updated: Jun 9

bodywork therapy in Waxhaw NC

Understanding the right way to keep your body completely healthy can be challenging. First, there are different approaches to keeping one's body healthy, and healing means a lot of things for different people.

However, one thing is certain for everyone; complete healing is beyond just the physical body. Total healing involves a healthy body and harmony of the mind and emotional health that makes us whole.

Achieving this kind of healing requires a holistic approach rather than traditional chiropractic healing techniques and conventional medications that only manage symptoms rather than address the root cause of the problem. When combined with special bodywork and exercise, the result is a younger and more vibrant body and mind.

Overview of Holistic Healing Therapy & Bodywork Therapy

Therapy within the usual context usually involves healing the physical body alone. But there are other dimensions to healing beyond the physical body. The whole body is interconnected, so the physical body is linked to the emotional and psychological aspects of the human body.

Hence, events such as stress, anxiety, lifestyle, and certain habits affect the physical body which often manifest as illnesses. Understandably, certain irreversible events in life such as old age can affect our physical body. Fortunately, holistic beneficial exercise is capable of restoring flexibility, core stability, and joint flexibility to weakened muscles and joints.

This isn’t just about undirected regular physical activity; this is about exercises that readapt spinal alignment to support weight distribution, proper posture, and more. Holistic healing is not just a treatment philosophy; when combined with bodywork therapy, individuals will gain total balance in life.

What Is Beneficial Exercise And Bodywork Therapy?

Beneficial exercise is a customized exercise therapy for getting the body balanced and ready for action. It involves exercises for maintaining the health of your joints, so you can strengthen your core stability, improve your body flexibility, and establish joint flexibility.

As the body ages, the range of motion for joints in the body diminishes. Only certain types of exercises are beneficial for this condition because a balance must be established between maintaining the health of your joints while also strengthening your body and enhancing support for your joints such as the ankle, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders, and wrists.

What Makes Beneficial Exercise Unique?

A connection exists between the body and the mind. Hence, healing techniques that focus on the body alone will not produce optimal results. Beneficial exercise, on the other hand, enhances the body's interaction with bodily functions.

Bodywork therapy uses specialized techniques to assess and correct body imbalances. Hence, if you experience pain in any part of your body, then you may be a candidate for beneficial exercise. This kind of therapy is ideal for athletes, older adults, people with disabilities, and anyone willing to achieve a pain-free life, not just physically alone, but holistically as well.

How Is Our Approach Different from Chiropractors in Waxhaw?

We help our clients achieve a pain-free life using beneficial exercise. Chiropractors in Waxhaw often depend on approaches that relieve pain symptoms, so pain is not totally eliminated or only lasts for a short period.

Beneficial exercise, on the other hand, addresses the connection between the brain and the body. Hence, not only is pain relieved, clients also experience increased mental awareness, reduced stress and anxiety, and an improved functional ability for outstanding body performance.

Chiropractors do not use approaches that result in greater psychological outcomes, and their pain management techniques do not improve the range of motion for joints. Hence, older adults with a greater need for improvement of the range of motion will not benefit from long-term treatment.

With beneficial therapy, on the other hand, treatment is long term, pain is effectively reduced by teaching your body how to move outside of its normal range of motion. Beyond the physical body, your overall health and holistic health are guaranteed through this advanced healing and not just with regular exercises that are normally seen with chiropractors in Waxhaw.

How Is Our Approach Different from Physical Therapists in Waxhaw?

Just like chiropractors, physical therapists in Waxhaw, also approach pain treatment by managing the symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of the pain. They do not address the main stressors that cause body imbalances.

Beneficial exercise, on the other hand, is about body rebalancing. It’s an exclusive and innovative method for reducing stress in the body, improving joint mobility, and attaining a well-balanced and functional body.

Physical therapists focus their efforts on helping you reduce pain and improving the functionality of your muscles, bones, and joints through exercises. But they usually do not address how the brain encodes pain response.

This makes treatment by physical therapists only last for a short while and within a few days or weeks, you’re back for another session of rigorous exercises, and then again. Our bodywork therapy addresses the connections with the brain by addressing the underlying problem that is causing the pain.

Benefits of Whole Body Healing

Psychological Benefits

A whole-body approach is necessary for obtaining absolute healing of pain. Everyone gets to benefit from whole-body healing regardless of their age or what they do.

Most physical therapists and chiropractors in Waxhaw handle your pain and then what next? There’s something that causes the pain that they do not address, which is why when you face the stressor again, you’re down with pain once more.

Whole-body healing, on the other hand, looks at the patient as a whole, then looks for the connection between your brain and your body. Thankfully, the brain has an infinite capacity for learning new things, your brain is then trained to deal with the pain by knowing how to deal with the stressors resulting in pain.

Hence, whole-body healing ensures the development of an enhanced mental state for even outstanding physical performance. To put it simply, the mind (brain) influences the physical body and whole-body healing doesn’t leave that out of the equation when addressing healing.

Emotional Benefits

Sometimes, pain isn’t the direct manifestation of a weakened body, but of an anxious or stressed mind. That is, physical pain can be linked to our emotions. This influences how that feeling is processed and is coded into pain.

Attempts to treat this kind of pain by focusing on it at the physical level alone will not result in beneficial outcomes for the patient. Chiropractors only focus on the physical aspect; they don’t treat pain from the source. Whole-body healing, on the other hand, approaches healing beyond the physical and addresses the emotional aspects by eliminating emotional stress that may be coded into pain.

Physical Benefits

Whole-body therapy also ensures enhanced healing of the physical body by leveraging approaches that will enhance your stability. This readapts your body for improved range of motion, core stability, and enhanced body flexibility.

At Labor of Love, enhancing your quality of life is our topmost priority. Our goal is to make you feel younger and more vibrant. Contact us for whole bodywork therapy and beneficial exercise in Waxhaw.

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