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Learn how our pain management professionals differ from chiropractors and physical therapists in Waxhaw

aster Calvin Fleming, Master Martial Artist and Body Specialist in Waxhaw, NC

Master Calvin Fleming

Master Martial Artist and Body Specialist in Waxhaw, NC

Your body is like a building, and the most important part of a building is its foundation. When your body has a strong foundation, you’re able to stand tall, upright, and aligned. This requires core stability, joint mobility, and body flexibility which we provide in our pain management and beneficial exercise programs in Waxhaw, NC. On top of your body’s foundation, you load on stressors, such as poor sleep habits, environmental forces, and repetitive movements at work, home, and play that cause body imbalance.


Unlike chiropractors and physical therapists in Waxhaw, NC, we understand the critical need for body rebalancing. That’s why Master Calvin created his innovative and exclusive method, Beneficial Exercise (B.E.) in Waxhaw. B.E. reduces tension and stress in your body, resulting in improved range of motion, core stability, joint mobility, and body flexibility. Your body will be balanced, able to move, and function as it should without weakness, tightness, or pain, resulting in a stronger and more confident YOU!


Feel free to schedule an appointment with us today so we can design a treatment plan that’s right for you!

Gezell Flemming Labor of Love B.E. Strong

Gezell Fleming

Certified Christian Life Coach in Waxhaw, NC

Are you stressed by life's demands? Do you wonder why you go through so much in life? Want your life to matter? Let Gezell Fleming, a Certified Christian Life Coach in Waxhaw, NC, partner with you on your journey toward a more peaceful and meaningful life.


Having experienced many traumatic physical and emotional experiences, she has developed techniques that have helped her not only survive but thrive through the trials of life. YOU CAN find peace, even in the midst of your stormy life! YOU CAN live your life without the fear of tomorrow! YOU CAN have a life full of meaning and purpose! 

Allow Gezell to encourage and motivate you on your life's journey, wherever it is leading you. Feel free to contact us to design a customized treatment plan for you with our innovative methods.


  • 4th Degree Black Belt Master (Taekwondo)

  • M.A.T. Jumpstart Certifications - Upper Extremities and Trunk & Spine

  • Tui Na Chinese Bodywork

  • Tai Chi Body Mechanics and Bodywork

  • Adult CPR & First Aid Certification (American Red Cross)


  • Functional Re-Adaption Technique

  • MCK System and MCKinetics Vibration Resistance Stretching

  • Kinesiology & Exercise Physiology

  • Tui Na Chinese Bodywork

  • Sports-Specific Conditioning for Elite Athletes and Martial Artists

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